MoGA: The Museum of GIF Art

February 1, 2017 by GIPHY Arts

GIPHY Arts released the MoGA: Museum of GIF Art as a new opportunity to showcase digital art in a new context and medium.

The inaugural digital exhibition featured works by over 20 artists previously seen only in our one-day-only Loop Dreams exhibition and online as GIFs –the works are exhibited in a unique and engaging VR environment that is available on all platforms, including the HTC Vive, Android, and iPhone.

Viewers gradually descend through a variety of unique environments, exploring the artwork in scales and perspectives only possible in VR. 

“I like to imagine Magritte, Miró and Dali visiting the MoGA and smiling. GIFs deserve a context as surreal as the content they encapsulate and we want to be the architects.” – Ralph Bishop, Design Director