Untitled Reactions (2017)

January 26, 2017 by GIPHY Arts

GIPHY Arts commissioned Kentucky-based noise musician and artist, Robert Beatty, to create eight otherworldly GIFs. You can view the series, Untitled Reactions (2017), here and read the full interview on Thump.

“All of these gifs that I made for this were taken from video. I was making animation in the computer and then processing that through analog video and then re-digitizing it and cutting it into loops. I’m running it through a few analog video mixers that I have so I’m actually running it out of the computer and recording it to VHS. The way I work is very hands-on. I’d rather be turning a knob than clicking a mouse.”

“Most of the gifs I made are focused on faces. If you’re doing something that’s really strange and psychedelic and people are going to see for a couple of seconds, having a face that they can pick out from the mess maybe makes it a bit more engaging.”