GIFs of Time

October 15, 2020 by GIPHY Arts

GIPHY partnered with OUTFRONT Media Inc. to launch GIFS of Time; a new and interesting way for New Yorkers to tell the time. The series leverages OUTFRONT’s Moments by OUTFRONT content platform to deliver this unique creative experience across digital screens in and around NYC’s busiest subway stations and leveraging the talent of GIPHY’s artist community to deliver the time with a twist! 

GIPHY artists were invited to reimagine the digital clock using GIFs in place of traditional numbers. Each artist was commissioned to create a numerical set of animated stickers to convey 0-9 using pictorial designs. Participating artists include Yukai Du, Ali Graham (Lil Ye), Evan Hilton and Caspar Wain

GIFs of Time takes the fun of mixing and matching animated stickers on social media and recreates that element of surprise with every passing minute, which can feel like a lifetime when you’re waiting for a train! The clock is powered using OUTFRONT’s technology which pulls in each artist’s sticker set, serving up important information to subway-riders and creating an ever-changing visualization of time passing. 

Each artist’s clock will be featured for two consecutive weeks at random intervals beginning October 12th, 2020 and ending December 6th, 2020. Keep your eyes peeled for some of our favorite stickers in the clock like Evan Hilton’s number one hotdog or Ali Graham’s number five gold chain.