June 15, 2017 by GIPHY Arts

GIPHY Arts celebrated the GIF’s 30th birthday with TIME_FRAME, a week-long gallery exhibition exploring the history of art online, and demonstrating the power of the GIF as a format guiding us into the future of visual culture.

Featuring works by over 30 artists, the exhibition included interactive installations, VR experiments, artist talks, and workshops at Gallery 151 in New York City. It took place June 17 – 22, 2017.

In conjunction with the exhibition, GIPHY Arts collaborated with Computer Lab, Kevin Roark, Celine Katzman, and Michael Worthy to produce historyofthegif.com, an interactive timeline describing noteworthy events in the file format’s history and featuring interviews with artists Olia Lialina, Jacob Ciocci, Petra Cortright, and Eva Papamargariti.

Featured Artists:
Peter Burr, Robert Beatty, Withering Systems, Alan Resnick, Lorna Mills, Faith Holland, Carla Gannis, Rollin Leonard, A. Bill Miller, Anthony Antonellis, Planeta, Aaron Bjork, Yoshi Sodeoka, Xaviera López, MSHR (Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy), Justin Brandon Kinard, GIPHY Studios (Domitille Collardey-Adebimpe, Nicky Rojo, Parker Jackson, Josh Freydkis, and Natalie James), Nitemind, Evan Yee, Jelly Gummies (Sam Lyon), Matias Trillo, Kans (Worasit Puttarak), Clara Terne, Patrick Sluiter, and Toyoya Li.


The State of the GIF. Presented by Rhizome. A panel discussion exploring the past, present, and future of the GIF featuring Marisa Olson (artist/curator), Faith Holland (artist), and Molly Soda (artist), moderated by Zachary Kaplan (Rhizome).

Live Music by Moon Bounce. Mutant pop from Philadelphia.

Radical Digital Painting. Presented by Jeffrey Alan Scudder (JAS). A lecture by artist and programmer Jeffrey Alan Scudder (JAS) on digital painting and performed with a variety of his home-grown software instruments for making unique pictures and sounds.

VR Show & Tell. Presented by Superbright, Ooni, Rhizome. A demo of an array of VR experiences.

Inside the Heads of GNOG. Presented by Samuel Boucher. A guided play-through of the puzzle game GNOG and artist talk from award-winning game designer Samuel Boucher of KO_OP.

An Explorer’s Guide to Internet Archaeology. Presented by Atlas Obscura. A journey into the depths of the internet featuring Jason Scott (curator), Coral Salomón (NY Art Resources Consortium), and Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai (Motherboard).

Frame by Frame. Presented by Wallplay. An interactive workshop on how to transform your art into GIFs. Featuring live demos with Wallplay artists & audience participants.


The GIF Turns 30 Years Old With an IRL Art Show

Toast the 30th birthday of the GIF at a Giphy art show

30 Artists Celebrate 30 Years of GIFs at an IRL Art Show

More information on TIME_FRAME here.