Loop Dreams

October 2, 2016 by GIPHY Arts


Loop Dreams was the first IRL exhibition of GIF Art presented by GIPHY that took place in New York on October 2nd. Featuring works by 25 artists, the exhibition included holographic posters, projections, VR demos, interactive installations, and a panel presented by Rhizome.



Featured Artists:

Jacob Ciocci, Yung Jake, Nicolas Sassoon, Ann Hirsch, Laura Brothers, Mattis Dovier, Stuart Wade, Eno Swinnen, Dina Kelberman, Scorpion Dagger, Zach Scott, Julian Glander, Sam Rolfes, Winston Duke, Karan Singh, Katri Tikkanen, LaTurbo Avedon, Phyllis Ma, David Berrebi, John Fogarty, Lauren Pelc McArthur, Jess Mac, Leon Denise, Nicole Ginelli, Martin Onassis, GIPHY Studios.




Virtual Reality GIF Museum Demo. The team behind the Mona VR headset gave demos ahead of the Museum of GIF Art (MoGA) release and answered VR questions.

A Panel Discussion on the GIF led by Rhizome. Featuring artist Laura Brothers, curator Jason Eppink, GIPHY founder Alex Chung, moderated by Artistic Director of Rhizome, Michael Connor. This panel explored the GIF’s usage as a vernacular communication and artistic medium as parallel trajectories in the history of the file format.




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Browse scenes and art from the show on the Loop Dreams GIPHY Channel.