Chew On This: Animated Text

August 8, 2019 by GIPHY Arts

AUGUST 15 2019 – Cat Frazier is a social media artist who makes “dad jokes if your dad was a black lesbian.” For the past 7 years Cat has run Animated Text, 3D text gifs inspired by the aesthetic of 90’s internet. The often risqué gifs deal with themes of anxiety, sex, depression, or an absurd combination of all three. Cat has created more than 20 thousand Animated Text gifs based on jokes and requests from followers.Cat has created Animated Text for the New York Times, Google, OutKast, Skrillex, and Comedy Central. In 2018 Animated Text gifs were featured for the first time on television in an episode from the Broad City Series Finale. Cat is currently working on a solo art show in Los Angeles and is planning a 2020 art tour to showcase Animated Text nationwide. RSVP to join us for her artist talk!