• Chew On This: Stefanie Shank

    SEPTEMBER 26 2019 — Stefanie Shank is an Emmy nominated Art Director at Nickelodeon as well as a designer, illustrator, and animator. Stefanie oversees the creative for Nick’s entire social media presence including Nickelodeon, TeenNick, SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Nick Rewind. RSVP to join us for her artist talk!

  • Chew On This: Everything is Terrible!

    SEPTEMBER 12 2019 — Everything is Terrible! is the video and performance collective that is responsible for some of the internet’s most hilarious and bizarre videos. EIT! has posted daily re-edits for 11 years that have been culled from the mountains of dead media on the verge of abandonment by humanity. Some of their most widely shared videos include the creepy yoga farmer Yogi Ogi Dogi, the pedophile hunting Yellow Dino, Cat Massage, Pubic Hair Dying, and of course, the demi-child-god Duane. RSVP to join us for their artist talk!

  • Chew On This: Animated Text

    AUGUST 15 2019 – Cat Frazier is a social media artist who makes “dad jokes if your dad was a black lesbian.” For the past 7 years Cat has run Animated Text, 3D text gifs inspired by the aesthetic of 90’s internet. The often risqué gifs deal with themes of anxiety, sex, depression, or an absurd combination of all three. Cat has created more than 20 thousand Animated Text gifs based on jokes and requests from followers.Cat has created Animated Text for the New York Times, Google, OutKast, Skrillex, and Comedy Central. In 2018 Animated Text gifs were featured for the first time on television in an episode from the Broad City Series Finale. Cat is currently working on a solo art show in Los Angeles and is planning a 2020 art tour to showcase Animated Text nationwide. RSVP to join us for her artist talk!

  • Chew On This: Nicole Daddona and Adam Shenkman

    JULY 31 2019 – Nicole Daddona (who also goes by Friday) and Adam Shenkman specialize in surrealistic and alternative film, television, visual art, and comedy. Nicole is the Editor-In-Chief of quarterly art and culture magazine, FRIDAY which features the most dynamic up and coming artists and creatives of our time. Past issues have featured Oliver Tree, John Early, Dorian Electra, Parker Day, and Chris Fleming to name a few. Adam has created live shows that have featured the likes of Maria Bamford, Bob Odenkirk and Jack Black. Together, Nicole and Adam have created shows for Adult Swim, Amazon Studios, MTV, and Cartoon Network and performed live nationally. Their work has been written about on Buzzfeed, PAPER, L.A. Weekly, and BUST. In 2018 they shot their first feature film, which will premiere at major festivals in 2020. This summer they completed a short film with AbsoLutely Productions that they plan to bring to the world in 2020. RSVP to join us for their artist talk!

  • Chew On This: Erma Fiend

    JULY 18 2019 – Erma Fiend is a GIF artist using composited stop motion to create looping distortions of time and space, body horror, and fluid self portraits of queer identity. Out Magazine describes Fiend as a “sort of animated disciple of Cindy Sherman with a bit more of an inclination for insect imagery.” RSVP to join us for their artist talk!