We work with artists and creators all over the world, and engage in a wide and ever-growing range of activities. We are actively searching for creative ideas that might fall under our purview. Would you like to become part of the GIPHY Artist Directory? Do you have a new way of showing digital artwork that no one has thought of yet? Are you making something that might help artists' work be better attributed or compensated across the web? Get in touch.

GIPHY Arts does a lot of stuff with only a few people. (And lots of help!)

DANI NEWMAN is one half of the team that runs the GIPHY Arts ship over at GIPHY.
CAT POWELL is co-captain of the elusive Arts ship, steering GIPHY into the rainbows.
ARI SPOOL (emeritus) is a Product Manager at GIPHY but will always be an honorary Arts trailblazer.